Two Hard Things I’ve Started

On a previous article, I wrote about doing hard things. Recently, I’ve started doing two hard activities: reading Nietzsche and drawing from imagination.

I’m currently reading the first essay of Genealogy of Morals from Friedrich Nietzsche. The motivation for reading the book stemmed from a conversation with a friend who highlighted the importance of reading classics, i.e. books that perdured, versus reading modern books. Reading Nietzsche is challenging because of the vocabulary and the arrangement of the thoughts of the author. Drawing diagrams of the concepts outlined permitted me to follow much better the thoughts of the philosopher.

Second hard thing I’m doing is drawing. Often we look at our environment but we don’t observe. For instance, we see the computer in front of us, but we wouldn’t be able to draw it from memory. This is because we don’t observe it. When I started to learn about drawing, I realized that drawing had nothing to do with the pencil you use, but everything to do with your observation skills. One drill I’ve come up with is to observe an image for 30 seconds and then draw it from memory.

Practicing daily hard things is what make you improve your skills. Do it enough times and I believe you will be a grandmaster at the activity.

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