The Law Of Iterations

One of the fundamental laws I believe in is the “Law of iterations”. Sometimes it is summarized in the more famous saying, “Practice makes perfect”.
As I’ve recently started my Youtube journey, I’ve already uploaded 46 videos. My goal with each of my videos is always to provide value.
But it’s also little experiments I’m trying with each. I’m trying different mediums: sometimes I’m recording myself in front of the camera, sometimes what I will say, sometimes not. Sometimes I put music, and sometimes I don’t. In this apparent chaos, I’m experimenting. I’m trying to auto-correct and improve upon my mistakes and weaknesses. I always have in mind that many of my viewers will view my videos as not professional enough or not creative enough. But I believe that this will undoubtedly be the convergence of all my previous videos.
People usually don’t only to see the result: the successful person or company. But they tend to overlook entirely the amount of deliberate practice and calibration that was at play.

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