Choose the Steepest Path

When I was younger, I was always told that once I had a shiny diploma, my life would be easy. So I worked hard and got my master’s degree (actually not one but three). But my life didn’t change much, it was pretty much the same. I was actually even working more than before.

I realized a shift in my thinking recently. Where you currently are doesn’t matter. Your position, diploma, level of wealth are irrelevant. Being born in a wealthy family is nothing to be proud of. What’s more interesting is where you’re going. What is your growth?

Like a mountain climber looking to efficiently reach the summit, you want to look at the “slope” of your decisions. For instance, sometimes you might have seen companies offering unpaid internships. When I first heard of those, it sounded completely ridiculous to me. But after thought, depending on the growth possibilities and skills acquisition, it might be the most sensible choice.